[Updated] eGods on Scooters

July 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

The International World Games Association and Kaohsiung City Government of Republic of China, Taiwan had held the opening ceremony of The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung last night. A lot of people in Taiwan is crazy about the show of the program: electrified Gods cruising on scooters and giving their best wishes to the games and players.

They are Kaohsiung Electric-Techno Neon Gods (高雄哪吒會館電音三太子團), a very popular band of 32 coupled “performes” – giant puppets on the scooters invited to participate a lot of folk religious activities all around Taiwan. The origin of the unique performance came from a young guy practicing technodance with the huge religious wardrobe on and gain a lot of recognition. FTV has the story “Electric Techno Neon God” (電音三太子):

電音三太子的起源是嘉義朴子太子會裡,一位熱愛 free style 舞蹈的大專生,無意間扛起25公斤重的三太子裝備開始跳起電音。沒想到意外獲得同團團員的好評,於是開始一齊練舞,將三太子遊行裝備與電音熱舞作了暨衝突又和諧的融合。而看過電音三太子表演的民眾也表示,平時一般的陣頭看過那麼多,就是沒看過這種三太子跳電音的演出,看起來很有趣。之後各大綜藝節目也邀請他們在節目中表演,後來更在黑澀會美眉的節目中演出,大為流行,也掀起一股模仿的風潮。不光在台灣有許多樂迷,國際間也對這樣的融合感到興趣,也因此在影音投稿網站youtube上有大量的錄影片段供網友欣賞,樂迷可說是遍及海內外。

Taipei Times had reported the opening ceremony and this part of the special show (World Games light up Kaohsiung):

The first performance was themed around nature, featured dancing water droplets, giant eagle kites and dances from Tao and Amis Aborigines. The second section showcased Taiwanese culture, then brought raucous cheers from the audience as the eight generals ba jia zhang entered the stadium on scooters before breaking into a funky dance.

Are those giant god-puppets traditional “Ba Jia Jiang”(八家將) band members but in Neon God form? I don’t think so. But I would like to find out the detailed stories behind it.

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